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Glass Book JoyofFusing

Joy Of Fusing - Fusing Basics, Molds and More - Your price - $17.50

Joy of Fusing provides every fundamental technique that beginning fusers need while experienced
hot-glass artists will  discover a few new tricks along the way. From the bestselling author of  'Introduction to Stained Glass' comes this well written and lavishly  illustrated instruction book that will show readers everything they need to know to be successful fusing artists. The author's style is easy  going with sprinkles of humor making this book a fun and easy read. At  the heart of the book is a shrewdly simplified kiln-firing strategy that uses hi-resolution photographs to link each fusing schedule. These 27 projects are illustrated with  how-to color photographs and easy to follow instructions that include  all necessary firing schedules. With an emphasis on design composition, pre-fuse assembly and firing technique the reader can copy a project  straight from the book or make creative personalized changes. There are  dozens of 'ProTips' throughout the book, integrated with step-by-step  demonstrations - page after page of fusing instruction and inspiration for readers to discover.
96 pages - all in color.

Glass Fusing Book Brad Walker

Contemporary Warm Glass - Brad Walker - If you buy ONE glass book, THIS is the one to get!
Your price - $38.75

At last! Extensively revised and expanded! Contemporary Fused Glass is back from the printer’s and is available for shipping.

Contemporary Fused Glass is 30% larger than Contemporary Warm Glass, with an even better tutorial and with expanded  sections on inclusions, surface techniques, pattern bars, high temperature firing, and more.

Along with a new cover and title, Contemporary Fused Glass includes dozens of full color photographs of kiln forming processes and inspirational contemporary glass artwork from artists throughout the  world. Like its predecessor, Contemporary Fused Glass promises to be a welcome addition to your glass library.

Glass Book CreativeGlassTechniques03

Creative Glass Techniques - Fusing, Painting and Lampwork - Your price only -$21.50

     Thanks to the availability of affordable kilns and the vast creative potential of the material, glass crafts keep growing in popularity. There's no better place to learn the essentials of the art than this superbly photographed full-color manual. It introduces beginners to three major, accessible techniques for creating a variety of pieces--fusing, painting, and lampwork. The 32 elegant, hands-on projects range from a shimmering oval mirror to a vase sparkling with colorful lusters and crystal ice.



Fuse It by Petra Kaiser - Your price only - $17.50
     Fuse It presents a portfolio of creative projects designed to guide crafters to the next level in glass fusing. A quick review of glass and equipment is followed by a comprehensive look at the vast array of fresh kiln forming possibilities that have triggered a creative leap. Then embark on a journey of exploration by working through the lessons and project ideas that are sure to stimulate novice to advanced fusers alike.
     Fuse It introduces new ways to utilize the bonanza of glass forming methods & materials through 18 lessons with names such as: Wear It (Jewelry), Display It (Holders), Hang It (Mirrors & Ornaments), Screw It (Clocks & Sculptures), Drop It (Vases), Zen It (Fountain), Rake It (hot combing), Sell It (marketing your work), plus 10 more.
     Fuse It will be a valuable resource for fusers of all skill levels with a desire to progress to the next step. More that 300 color photos offer a wealth of instruction and inspiring ideas for distinctive kiln formed creations

Glass Book Kiln Casting

Glass Kiln Casting by Jayne Persico - Your price only - $17.50

     Jayne brings her fresh and timeless style to the art of Glass Kiln Casting. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide presents lush photographs of beautifully finished pieces that will capture the imagination. The clear and simple instructions will enable fusers of any skill level to achieve amazing 3-dimensional creations.
     Glass Kiln Casting is an 80-page book offering more than 260 color photographs in 12 chapters that will inspire dozens of exceptional projects. The opening chapter features invaluable information covering frit casting molds, tools, equipment and kilns, plus an in-depth yet simple approach to working with digital kiln controllers.
    This book is sure to become a studio favorite that fusers of all levels will refer to time and again. Jayne's take-you-by-the-hand writing style guides crafters through the frit casting process. She'll show you how to make frit cast jewelry, plates and bowls with amazing results that will impress everyone who views your creations.

Glass Book RichardLaLonde1

Richard La Londe: Fused Glass Art and Techniques - Your price only - $39.00

224 pages, 475 photographs, 412 in full color
Hardback, 8 1/2” x 11” gold foil stamped cloth cover with dust jacket,
Printed on heavyweight matte art paper, 1 inch thick and weighing 3 pounds.

This book includes:
45 pages of glass fusing history.
A portfolio selection of Richard La Londe’s art
The technical aspects about glass fusing
More than 50 pages about La Londe’s fusing techniques
Gold leaf and foil techniques
Kilns, glory holes, mounting systems
and much, much, more!

Glass Book IntroGlassFusing

Introduction to Glass Fusing By Petra Kaiser - Your price only - $15.00

     This book is a modern-day primer on the basic skills and techniques of fusing and is geared toward the absolute novice and assumes you know little or nothing about the craft. Filled with lots of step-by-step photos, useful tip sidebars, and complete project instructions.
     You will learn terminology used regularly in fusing, as well as all the basic skills that are the building blocks of the art. From tools and material descriptions to glass cutting and shaping, to more complicated procedures such as mold making and kiln operation, everything is covered.
     Chapters include topics such as: Warm Glass Processes and Temperatures, Glass Tools And Equipment, Kilns and Controllers, Basic Glass Cutting Techniques, and more.
     Each new technique is taught via the creation of an actual project, such as a Tangram Puzzle, a Window Ornament, a Night Light, a Set of Soup Bowls or Jewelry Pendants, thereby allowing you to learn a new skill and create an item to wear, display or use in your home.

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