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GlassMolds - GX21 - SucculentTexture
GlassMolds - GX21 - SucculentTexture -FP

Sample was made using GX21, Frit, Double Thick Clear - fused, then slumped in GM06 - 8” Sushi Slump.

Glass Texture Mold
GX21 - Succulent Texture
8.75” x 8.75”
Retail - $35.00  Your price - $23.60

The Brand New GX21 and LF174 will be in production the week of July 9th -
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GlassMolds - LF174 - IcicleAngelOrnament -FP
GlassMolds - LF174 - IcicleAngelOrnament
GlassMold - LF171 LF172 - Succulents-FP

Glass Frit Casting Mold
LF174 Icicle Angel Ornament
Mold Size 8.5” tall
Castings 8.3/8”
Retail - $35.00  Your price - $23.60

GlassMold - LF171 - 2Succulents-FritCast
GlassMold - LF172 - DoubleSucculent-FritCast

Glass Frit Casting Mold
LF171 Two Succulents
Mold Size 10” x 5”, Castings 3.5”
Retail - $35.00  Your price - $23.60

Glass Frit Casting Mold
LF172 Double Succulents
Mold Size 9.5” x 6”, Castings 2.75” & 4.5”
Retail - $35.00  Your price - $23.60

GlassMold-LF171-2Succulents-FritCast-FP GlassMold-LF172-DoubleSucculent-FritCast-FP
Glass Mold - LF173 - Small Succulent 4

Glass Frit Casting Mold
LF173 Small Succulents - 4
Mold Size 8.75” x 8.25”,
Castings 2” to 2.5”
Fill: grams - 35, 34, 20, 40 (clockwise)
Retail - $35.00  Your price - $23.60

Glass Mold - LF173 - Small Succulent 4 -FP2
Glass Mold - LF173 - Small Succulent 4 - FP
Glass Mold - GM237 - Small Textured Succulent Slump-FP
Glass Mold - GM237 - Small Textured Succulent Slump

Glass Slump Mold
GM237 Small Succulent Slump
Mold Size 4.75”
Retail - $19.00  Your price - $12.80

Glass Mold - GM234 - Small Oval Shelf Ring
Glass Mold - GM236 - Small Oval Shelf Dam

Glass Slump Mold
GM234 Small Oval Shelf Ring
Mold Size 5” x 6”
Retail - $19.00  Your price - $12.80

Glass Slump Mold
GM236 Small Oval Dam
Mold Size 5.25” x 6.25”
Retail - $19.00  Your price - $12.80

We have a new small oval  dam mold with a matching shelf ring. The glass made in the dam fits  perfectly on the shelf ring to make an elegant little soap dish.

Glass Mold - GM234 236 - Small Oval Soap Dish-FP

Glass Sushi Slump Mold
GM229 Sushi Slump for GM110 Patty Gray
Mold Size 10.5” x 8.5”
Retail - $60.00  Your price - $41.50


Glass Ring Mold
GM233 Square Rimmed Shelf Ring Slump
Mold Size 10” with 2.75” rim
Retail - $47.00  Your price - $32.40

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