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We recommend using ZYP for best results. Always trench around the edges for less spurs. Unmold below 100 degrees. Sometimes putting the mold in the fridge for a bit helps when trying to unmold.

Glass Fusing Molds
Dam Molds

E-mail us with your wish list and shipping address for sales order quote. If you have a sales tax number or are tax exempt, please send certificate with quote request.

Glass Mold FPSoapDish
Glass Mold GM77 Soap Dish

GM77 - Soap Dish Mold
Retail - $35.00
Your price - $23.60
5” x 7” x 2.5” deep

Glass Mold FLF1024G Picture Frame
FLF 902G Celtic Glass Mold
Glass Mold MLD GT03 04 Tiles 03

Square Tile Slump Glass Molds -
GT03 - 6” Tile - Retail - $34.00 
Your price - $23.00
GT04 - 4” Tile - Retail - $24.00 
Your price - $15.40
LF31 - 4 Piece Rectangles - Retail - $17.00 
Your price - $11.50
(each rectangle in LF31 - 1” x 2” long)

Dam Glass Mold
FLF 902G Celtic Casting Tile
6” x 6” x .63” Deep
Retail - $29.95
Your price - $22.00

Dam Glass Mold
FLF 1024G Picture Frame
For a 4 x 6” photo
Retail - $26.00
Your price - $23.40

Glass Mold Dam gm93 large angle
Glass Mold Dam gm79 cylinder
Glass Mold Dam pFPlg pattern bar sm
Glass Mold Dam gm88 angle

Dam Glass Mold
GM79 Cylinder
2” x 7” - casting 6.5” long
Retail - $29.00
Your price - $20.30

Dam Glass Mold
GM80 Angle
2” x 7” - casting 6.5” long
Retail - $29.00
Your price - $20.30

Dam Glass Mold
GM93 Angle
2.5” x 9.5”  - casting 8” long
Retail - $30.00
Your price - $21.00

Click here to view or
download a pattern bar
tutorial for these dam molds.

Glass Mold Dam gt01 DragonFly Frit
Glass Mold Dam gm74 channel Glass Mold Dam FP multi channel
Glass Mold Dam FPgt01DragonflyFrit

Dam Glass Mold
GM74 Multi Channel
casting 2.5” x 6” long
Retail - $29.00
Your price - $19.60

Dam Glass Mold
GT01 DragonFly Frit
casting 6” x 6”
Retail - $34.00
Your price - $25.00

Glass Mold Dam gm129 Coaster Dam Weave
Glass Mold Dam gm135 mold Dot Coaster Dam
Glass Mold Dam FP gm135 do tcoaster

Dam Glass Mold
GM129 Weave Coaster Dam
Mold is 5” x 5” x 1”
Casting 4” x 4”
Retail - $24.00
Your price - $16.20

Dam Glass Mold
GM135 Dot Coaster Dam
Casting 4” x 4”
Retail - $24.00
Your price - $16.20

For more DAM Molds, check out this page on our site -
Patty Gray Glass Dam Molds

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Stores and studios with valid sales tax certificates may fax copies of their certificates to 817-536-7120 for wholesale and package pricing. All customers who buy any of our startup packages are entitled to our best wholesale and volume discount pricing. Please
e-mail us for confidential wholesale pricing after confirming your buying status.

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