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Fused Glass Tools
Cutting Systems
Beetle Bits

Here are several different kinds of glass cutting systems -
We tried ‘em....we liked ‘em! You will, too!

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Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

Aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create
basic  shapes or strips.

This product was designed with the same principles as the Cutter’s Mate: simplicity, comfort and ease in scoring. The compass dial and rests, resembling beetles, provide ease of cutting from either side of the work surface, or a straight cut perpendicular from the base ruler.

Features of the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

  • Wear-resistant straight edge, excellent for strips
  • Compass indicates all popular angles for basic shapes
  • Designed for use with the Waffle Grid surface


  • Oil well
  • 2 Adjustable-angle rests -- one for each side of the work surface
  • 1 Stationary straight edge rest
  • 1 Swiveling rest, functioning as the compass dial
  • 2 Multi-directional glass stops
  • 18" Ruler
  • 23" Straight edge

Beetle Bits Mini Glass Cutting System

A smaller version of the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System
that has EVERYTHING you need already in it!
Longest straight cut is 13"
Includes all this:

  • 2 Waffle Grids (Each 11 " x 11 ")
  • CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head
  • 1 Adjustable-angle rest
  • 1 Directional glass stop
  • 1 90 degree straight-edge rest
  • 1 Straight edge swivel rest
  • 1 Compass dial
  • 1 Ruler positioner/oil well
  • 14 Inch ZERO Mark Ruler
  • 18 Inch straight edge
  • 2 Blade Compensators

The Flying Beetle Cutting Head
designed for use with the Beetle Bit Glass Cutting System

  • glides effortlessly back and forth on the straight edge bar
  • made from impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • does not require oil, though cutting head may be dipped if desired

Description of use
The cutting head is always at a perfect 90-degree angle to the glass, giving you a perfect score every time. All you need to do is press down on the button to engage the carbide cutting wheel with the glass. The brightly colored pointer is in direct alignment with the lines of Waffle Grid system so you will know exactly where the scoring line is going to be.
Replacement heads are available.

Cutting Glass Beetle Bits System

Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System
Retail - $89.95
Your price - $79.95

Beetle Bits Mini System
Retail - $129.95
Your price - $97.50

Cutting Glass Beetle Bits Mini
Cutting Glass Flying Beetle Head

Flying Beetle Cutting Head
Retail - $43.95
Your price - $35.00

Cutter's Mate
What makes this cutter different?
Cutter's Mate glides effortlessly across the glass while maintaining a constant 90 degree angle to the surface. You will  experience greater comfort and ease in scoring glass. The cutting head can be rotated a full 360 degrees, giving you the ability to cut any shape you can draw or trace. You can even score glass while sitting down! Great for the beginning and experienced artisan.

Features of the Cutters Mate Glass Cutter

  • CSG-10 oil-fed cutting head. The oil reservoir extends through the handle for easy filling
  • Modular construction for one-step assembly and storage. Ready to use
  • Rubber feet for use on a tabletop, bench surface, or light table
  • Compatible with the Waffle Grid
  • Low maintenance
  • All painted surfaces are powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching
  • Can remain on your work area when not in use. Simply swing the arm out of the way
  • Large, comfortable Grab-on foam grip handle eliminates strain normally experienced while scoring glass.   Arm length - 16” for Longest straight cut - 42.5”

Circle Pro 12
NEW amazing way to cut circles in glass!
Circle Pro 12 is a complete system for cutting circles.

  • Scores diameters from 1.5 to 12 inches
  • CSG-10 cutting head
  • Ruler is in inch and metric
cutting Glass Cutters Mate System

Cutter’s Mate 16”
Retail - $249.95
Your price - $199.00

Cutting Glass Circle Pro12

Circle Pro
Retail - $134.95

Your price - $95.00

Waffle Grid - 11.25” x 11.25” Interlocking Panels - Retail - $12.95 - Your price - $9.75
Speed Balls - Package of 6 - Retail - $6.95  Your price - $5.25
Friction Buttons
- Package of 16 - Retail - $5.95  Your price - $4.50
Replacement Cutting Head
  - Retail - $20.95  Your price - $16.00

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Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

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