Skutt Firebox 14 Glass Square Kiln with Kit

MSRP: $1,739.00
(You save $349.00 )

14.50 Square x 6.5" deep
120V, 1700 degrees F
GlassFire Mode allows you to write a program simply by choosing your technique and the speed. It’s that easy!
Write your own firing programs with up to 8 Segments using Ramp and Hold. Now you can store up to 5 programs.
Adjust temperatures or hold times while the kiln is firing using Add Time or Add Temp or simply select Anneal Now to set your project and begin annealing it.
This kiln will hold up to 1 square foot of tile or a 12 inch square plate. It’s 6 inch depth even allows you to use up to 4″ deep slump molds.
110 lbs.