Skutt Glass Kiln GM1414 with Furniture Kit and Lid Lifter

MSRP: $4,225.00
(You save $1,056.00 )

Kiln and Furniture Kit and with Lid Lifter -
Special Package - only $2989.00!!
The lid braces have been redesigned with a unique cam system to prevent catching. The 3 position lid prop has 2 venting positions and a lock position. The spring assist not only helps to lift the extremely heavy GM1414 lid, it also puts less stress on the lid so it will last longer.

Specifications:  240V, Single Phase  Max Temp - 1800F
Dimensions: L 41.5” x W 24.50” x D 13.5”
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Add Quartz View Window for only $75.00     Add 3 Phase for only $50.00
Add Optional Rolling Stand w/Castors - Retail - $475.00 Your price - $380.00
Add CoreLite Full Shelf Kit instead of 3 piece shelf kit above pkg. price - 
Adds only $295.00 to above $2989.00 package price.
Add Touch Screen - $275.00