Skutt GM22 Clamshell Glass Kiln and Kit

MSRP: $3,975.00
(You save $980.00 )

23.5" x 24.5" x 14" height interior, 4.35 cu. ft.
240V, single phase, 1800 degrees F
Includes kiln, furniture kit, lid lifter, warranty, manual, peep hole plug, stand
The Clamshell Shape of the GM22CS has several advantages. When you open the kiln lid, either just to peak or to manipulate the glass while it is heated, you want protection from the heat and as little of the heat to escape as possible.

Unlike conventional top loading lid designs, the clamshell does not radiate the heat from the lid back in your face. Instead, it stores it in its bell type kiln lid. This drastically decreases the risk of thermal shock and reduces the time it takes for the chamber to recover back to set temperatures.
The bottom of the kiln is designed so you can post your shelf up level with the top edge. This allows you to assemble in the kiln without having to reach into the chamber just as you would on a table. It also allows heat to circulate under the shelf preventing a cool shelf.
Another advantage of the bottom being level with the top edge is full access for raking or making roll-ups.
270 lbs.