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Glass Tools and Accessories

Want to order? Just call our toll free number -
1-866-535-2651 -
We can process your order securely right over the phone
on the way to you!

Glass Cutting Systems
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We have all the basic tools you might need or want for your glass fusing, slumping and art glass design. If you don’t see a tool, please e-mail us. We are adding more all the time and if we don’t have it, we probably can tell you where to find it!

Unsure about which tool to buy and how to use it? Click here for our videos for help!

Glass Fusing Mosaic Nippers
Glass Fusing Pistol Grip Cutter02
Glass Fusing BrassGlassCutter04
Glass Fusing TLOilCutterACR03
Glass Fusing Glass Runner 02

Acrylic Glass Cutter - $14.95

Premium Glass Runner - $13.00

Brass Glass Cutter - $14.95

Pistol Grip Glass Cutter - $16.00

Mosaic Nippers - $20.00

Glass Fusing RedDiamondPad

Red Diamond Pad

Glass Fusing Etching Tool02

Diamond Etching Tool - electric - $30.00

Glass Fusing Grozer04

Grozer or Nibbler - $12.00
Flat Nosed

Glass Fusing MortonBoard02

New and Improved
Morton Board Grid - $35.00
2 pieces - better materials

Glass Fusing DisposableDustMask

Disposable Dust Mask
$1.15 each

Glass Fusing Etching Cream02

Etching Cream -
3 oz.- $11.00


Tweezers - $8.00
5” long -Fine point for tiny pieces

Glass Fusing Hot Gloves

Kiln Heat Gloves - pair - $38.00
rated up to 400 degrees

Glass Fusing FiberPaper02

Thin Fiber Shelf Paper - $6.00
20” x 20”

Thick Fiber Paper - $9.00
12” x 12” - 1/8” thick

Glass Fusing Safety Glasses 02

Infra-Red Safety Glasses

Glass Fusing e600003

E-6000 Glue - $6.25
Great for Jewelry Hardware

Glass Fusing HotLinePrimoPrimer
Glass Fusing TLOil02

Cutting Oil - $7.00


Tip: Looking for the best product to treat your ‘dam’ molds - frit casting molds?
We recommend either Primo Primer or MR97 - half of our staff prefer the Primo Primer - the other half of our staff love MR 97.

Hot Line Primo Primer -
1.5 lb bucket - lasts a LONG time!
Notes: Although these buckets may say kiln wash or shelf primer, they are NOT for your kiln shelves!
And we are transitioning to the High Fire version of this - BEST for frit casting and is still PERFECT for all your slumping.

Best Powder Sifters - click here for Powder Frit
These also work great with Enamels and Micas
Large 40 mesh 2” x 1” deep - $8.25
Medium 40 mesh 1 1/4” x 7/8” deep - $7.25
Small 40 mesh 1/2” x 1/2” deep - $6.25


Glass Separator Powder - 1 lb. - $5.00
(can be used on kiln shelves - not recommended for use in dam molds)

MR-97 - 13 oz. - $42.00
MR-97 - 4 oz. - $21.00
Kaiser Lee Board - 12” x 12” - $70.20
Glastac - 4 oz. - $7.00
Morton Safety Break - $16.00

Beetle Bits Cutting Systems - click here

Please e-mail us if you don’t see a tool you need. We will special order for you or refer you to our favorite competitors!

E-Mail us to order now!
Include full shipping address, item and quantity and we can get back to you with exact total, stock availability and shipping costs

All prices are subject to change without notice due to  manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

Stores and studios with valid sales tax certificates may fax copies of their certificates to 817-536-7120.
All customers who buy any of our startup packages are entitled to our best wholesale and volume discount pricing.
Please e-mail with your sales tax information or tax exemption status to confirm your buying status

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