All of our glass stringers, sheet glass, noodles, frit are ALL COE96!
ASSORTED NOODLES in packs of 12

We stock COE96 opal stringers and sell them in packs of 12 assorted colors.
Each tube is sale priced at $9.25

You can add to your online order by putting a note in the comments of your mold or sheet glass order.
Caution - we ship Fed Ex - and ordering only 1 - 2 tubes of noodles,
the Fed Ex shipping is going to be ridiculous.
We highly recommend you ADD them to your molds or sheet glass order.

These colors are almost always in stock: ONLY Opal
Black, White, Red, Charcoal, Medium Blue, Turquoise Blue, Cobalt Blue
Alpine Blue, Peacock, Apple Jade, Pastel Green, Amazon Green, Lemongrass
Fern Green, Dark Green, Chocolate, Plum, Mauve, Yellow, Almond, Orange

These are ASSORTED and we don't mind picking out all greens, or blues, or warms for you.
Yes, you can combine a tube of assorted stringers and noodles - 30 stringers, 12 noodles.
Not everyone is going to like that we do it this way - however, we know some of you will
be very happy that you can add some COE96 opal stringers to your orders.

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