Beginners Glass Fusing -1 day, Saturday 10am - 5pm
Includes all supplies, firings, lunch and glass fusing booklet
Aug 3, 2024  $165.00

Intermediate Glass Fusing - 2 days, Saturday 10am -5pm 
Sunday 10am-4 pm
Includes all supplies, firings, lunches and handouts. 
Must have previously taken our Beginner Class

Aug 24 & 25, 2024 $305.00
Beginners Glass Fusing 1 day, Saturday 10am - 5pm
Includes all supplies, firings, lunch and glass fusing booklet
Oct TBA, 2024 $165.00
Stay tuned - will be scheduling more classes soon.    



Email to if you would like to take one of our classes. All classes require deposits or paid in full before your name is on class roster or supply list handed out or mailed. No refunds unless class is cancelled (this is due to airline tickets and hotels for guest teachers that must be prepaid and are not booked until we have minimums. If you must cancel and there is a waiting list, we will call the next person on the waiting list. If they decide to take the class, then we will either refund your class payment OR allow you to use the payment towards a future similar class. NO exceptions.) (PYOP classes & Master Series Workshops do not allow refunds except as noted at registration. Please email for details.)

Our Beginning Glass Fusing Class - 
Learning all the basics of glass including layers, COE, effects, safety, tools, kinds of glass, firing. Adding to the 5 pieces you’ll make in the class, you also receive our Beginner’s Guide to Glass Fusing. Firing of pieces and lunch included. 
Best glass class deal on the planet!

Our Intermediate Glass Fusing Class - 
Taking you to the next level of glass fusing - now that you have some of the basics down, we move on to fully understanding Firing Schedules in digital ceramic kilns, glass kilns with 3 key or 12 key controllers, prepping molds, fusing, slumping, draping, frit casting, glass equipment - cutting systems, saws, grinders - You’ll make and fire at least 8 projects plus - 
lunches are included.

Click here for a video overview of our Beginner and Intermediate Glass Fusing Classes.

Can’t wait for a class? - Here are two Basic Glass Tools and Basic Glass Cutting - You Tube Videos

Just a few references and testimonials:

    "I took the Beginning Glass Fusing class having taken a prior 3 hour course. I was expecting a bit more than my previous class where we made a simple 2 layer 4 inch tile. I was blown away with what Connie instructed in such a short period of time. This is not a project class, where you walk away with one item and a smile. This is an education class that will put a smile on your face, ideas in your mind and multiple projects that will teach you basic fusing, tack, frit and glass cutting. Fusing glass for Jewelry, small projects, etc. Provide you with an educational guide giving details of glass types, basic firing schedules and an appetite for more. Connie is the most thorough glass instructor yet!! The class size is great for everyone to participate and contribute to the process. Highly recommended for novice, amateur and a leaping point for more knowledge." A++++

     "I previously took the Beginning Glass Fusing at American Glass Supply a couple of weeks prior. Once again, blown away by the thought depth and energy of the class. The size was reduced so we could all focus on getting even more knowledge from our excellent teacher. Connie didn't disappoint over two days-  I think we created 9 items. Items that were meant to demonstrate, test, display and challenge our skills with materials. After you take the intermediate class you are ready to go, get a kiln, buy your glass and start firing. The guide that is supplied in the intermediate class takes up where the first leaves off, kiln schedule, more glass information and slumping. In the intermediate class you learn to work with Frit Casting, Kiln operations, Kiln loading and unloading, advanced cutting tools, grinding/cold working. Recommended for someone that has taken Connie's Basic course and wants to take it to the next level. If you haven't taken Connie's Basic course you won't be able to keep up with the class. Best set of getting into glass fusing that I have seen anywhere in Texas. A++++" 
Both above testimonials from Todd Williams

 “My husband told me I needed a hobby so I took a Glass Fusion Class at American and fell in love! Connie is such a wonderful teacher I was able to teach my husband and 11 year old son the craft and they fell in love as well and the rest, as they say, is history - Fusion Frenzy was born. I can't brag on her as a teacher enough. She taught me the important things in a way that was so easy to understand and pass on and taught me to experiment and think outside the box! Connie and Pat helped us select the right kiln and supplies for our needs and continue to support us in our art. They and their staff are absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend American Ceramic Supply and American Glass Supply!”
Sandra McCorkle - Fusion Frenzy

     “This was the most awesome class I have ever taken. Very informative. I totally enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much” - Miller
     “Took a kiln forming class at ________and was severely disappointed. But this class at American Glass Supply was SO MUCH more     informative and helpful to me in my decision making process about incorporating glass fusing into my glass projects. Thoroughly impressed with Connie’s knowledge about all different aspects of fusing.” - Clements
     “5 STAR Starter Class - from knowing nothing about glass to getting started. Time well spent - instructors were VERY good.” - Chambliss
     “I really enjoyed your class! I’ve gone to a LOT of workshops and have never been able to create so many projects and learn so much. Thank you for this great class” - Middle School Teacher
     “What a wonderful day! I love learning the science behind the glass art. Very well paced and very well organized” - Wood
     “Thank you for the plethora of glass information and the joy of creating so many pieces of glass art” - Bridges
     “Really enjoyed the class - very informative. Thank you for teaching and not selling - this was well worth the money” - White
     “This class was amazing. I strongly recommend it to any beginner that wants to learn glass” - Swindler
     “Wonderful, Amazing, Awesome! I am in love with glass” - Tucker
     “This was well worth our 7 hour trip to get to this class” - Hawkins
     “It’s the best glass class I’ve taken” - Heymann
     “Wonderful class - very well done - can’t wait until the next one” - Treanor
     “I loved it and can’t wait til my next one” - Piller
     “Enjoyed the class. You are a great teacher” - Windham
     “Really enjoyed the experience - loved the atmosphere” - Higdon
     “Thanks for making this an interesting class. What a great introduction - sign me up for the next class” - Penkar
     “A great class! Sooo much information and thank heavens we got a guide to take - a great instructor - very personable!” - Thomas
     “Excellent class” - Dennis
     “Great fun” - Anderson
     “Awesome teacher” - Bradley
     “Class was great!. Very good at getting info across - wonderfully delightful teacher’ - Abernathy
     “Really enjoyed the class - learned things that other classes do not teach - worth the 2 hour drive’ - 
     “”This class was wonderful! So worth the money! Connie was a great teacher - I learned more in this class about glass fusing than I have in a year of researching and reading books! I will be back!” - Myers
     “This is the most fun and informative class I have ever taken - I loved this class” - Wells
     “Wonderful teacher - will definitely return for Intermediate Class” - Sims
     “Awesome instructors, great learning opportunity, wonderful experience” - Beason
     “I enjoyed the class very much. Even with some background in glass, I learned a lot from you that I never knew. You and the girls are very, very helpful. Thanks so much for an enjoyable day.” - Johnson
     “Had a terrific time and learned so much. Will be so helpful to me in my projects.” - Tilley
     “I love the classes at American! Connie is full of information and teaches in a way that can reach different types of learners” - Hassenteaffel
     “Most well instructed class I have ever taken. Fast, effective, informative. Left with a solid understanding and great foundation” - Morton
     “Fantastic class - can’t wait until the next one - I learned so much’ - Kimmons
     “Fabulous class - fabulous teacher” - Mauldin
     “I have been trying to self teach for over a year - I learned more in this one class that I have in a year” - Eeds
     “I learned a great deal and know much more than any other class I’ve attended elsewhere” - Murray
     “Best class I have had on glass - great instructor - very knowledgeable and entertaining. Very pleased.’ - Reeves
     “A wonderful experience - thank you!’ - Trant
     “I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was very information and helpful” - Cuykendall
     “The class is extremely informative. I learned so much and I have a new passion. Many, many thanks!” - Garza
     “This was an awesome class - I’ll be back for the next class” - McDuffle
     “Wonderful teachers. I highly recommend this class” - Hinds
     “A wonderful and complete introduction to glass fusing - a GREAT value!” - Phillips
     “Great experience - lots of information - Fun! Inspiring!” - Surdo
     “Enjoyed the class very much - Thank you! Ready for the next one” - Hampton
     “Very informative  - learned so much!” - Ferguson
     “Being a novice, I did not feel out of place - very comfortable - can not wait to learn more.” - Crump
     “Very enjoyable and informative, great communication of techniques.” - Harold
     “Great Class!...learned so much - now I think I can do this!” - Rice
     “What a fun and encouraging environment  - Connie was so generous with supplies - so easy to get hooked!” - Morgan
     “Extremely good base knowledge that you need to know - makes you want to learn more” - Callnin
     “This was a fun class, very informative with a good size group to allow lots of time for hands on - thank you very much” - Purselley
     “Provided a good foundation to get more comfortable w starting this glass journey” - Riley
     “Excellent class! I’m so happy I took this and can not wait for the next one!” - Roen
     “Class was excellent. I honestly feel like I could carry a conversation about glass fusing” - Johnson
     “Teachers were friendly and very helpful. Very informative class - facility excellent - love that lunch was provided” - Dunn
     “I enjoyed the class - this is what you need to get started with fused glass” - Wallace
     “Very informative - answered a lot of my questions about glass fusing” - Beck
     “Awesome Class!” - Pitts
     “Inspiring and lots of fun.” - Smith
     “Thoroughly impressed with the extensive knowledge shared in the class - variety of techniques” - Campbell
     “The class was wonderful - much more than I expected. Excellent instruction” - Smith

References for PYOP Intensive Glass Fusing Training
For more information, see our Pottery Consultant web site.

     “My husband and I attended Connie’s 2 day Intensive PYOP Glass Training Workshop. Hands down it was the most informative glass class I have ever attended. I have taken other glass classes in the past, but none compare to the knowledge we both received from Connie. More than just getting to play with glass and learn fun projects to offer in our studio, Connie taught us the nuts and bolts of how to introduce glass into our studio, how to display, market, price, teach a class, host a party, how to handle walk in customers and how to fire and slump glass in the kiln. Every aspect of the process was covered in depth. If Connie sees your eyes glazing over, she stops and goes over every detail until you get it. She is passionate about your success and it shows in the way she conducts her classes and gives of her time. Her staff is equally as dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. Everyone was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable and professional. If you are thinking about taking a glass class or offering glass in your studio, Connie’s class will teach you all you need to know and give you the confidence and support you need to be a success.”
Regina and Matt Chiames - Brushfire Pottery Studio

     “The glass portion of our store has grown since day one. Being able to go to your school, let us get  our hands dirty, learning how to cut, fuse, fire and market fused glass. We were not sold on introducing glass into our studio. Thank goodness we did. You took us by the hand and because of that we have a great studio that not only fires PYOP, but we also fuse glass and do clay hand building. The tricks we learned about glass fusing from you have increased our bottom line.
Dan and Theresa Barion - Art’s A Blaze - Florida

     “Now that my studio has been open to the public for 2 months I have realized more than ever how very valuable the time was that I spent with you in Texas for training on glass fusing.  I had absolutely no experience with glass fusing before my time with you and am now not only creating wonderful pieces myself but am able to assist my customers with fantastic works of art as well.  I would absolutely urge anyone else who has the opportunity to make that trip and take advantage of that quality time with you to please do so.  It is worth every penny and every bit of time spent.  I could not be doing what I am doing today if it were not for you sharing your vast knowledge and expertise!!!  Thank you so very much.” Trish Smith

     “I want to thank Connie for teaching me and my mother about glass fusing! In November 2009 I opened my studio, Make it Yours! I opened offering paint-your-own-pottery, silver clay, clay sculpting, and pottery wheels but I also informed customers that I would eventually be offering glass fusing, and let's just say I'd had a lot of customers that were very interested. 
        So when it came down to figuring out how I was gonna learn enough about glass fusing to be able to teach it, I researched a lot. After figuring out my options I decided to do a 3 day training workshop with Connie. My mom and I were so excited to spend 3 days learning about glass fusing and our experience with Connie was above and beyond. We learned so much and got to make so many fun projects. I left there confident that I had the knowledge needed to go back to my studio and make glass fusing successful! Connie was a great teacher and I'm grateful for it al! I cannot stress enough that learning glass fusing with Connie was THE BEST!”
Dara Jones

     “I attended the Intensive Glass Fusing Classes by Connie Speer and enjoyed it immensely.  Connie did such an awesome job instructing us in every aspect of the business.   The hands-on classes where we each made our own numerous projects were so effective in learning.  After the class, I wanted to get my studio set up - Connie was extremely helpful in ordering my supplies, setting up the kiln and doing test fires.   She has inspired me to create and encouraged me in my business.   I went home with a love for glass fusing, started my own business from my home and have had great response for it!  PLEASE ATTEND HER CLASS if you have an interest in this business! It is well worth the cost!”
Gigi Wright

     “We could not believe the amount of training we were receiving for the price we had paid…incredible she was willing to do all she did.  Neither my daughter, nor I, had ever worked with glass but we walked out of the training feeling like pros.  As tired as we were at the end of each day, we were always eager for the next day to begin.   We left with a tremendous amount of training and knowledge, but also with an incredible sense of security that Connie’s encouragement instilled in us.  Every business owner, regardless of their trade, needs a “Connie.”  Her primary goal and purpose was ensuring our success.  Knowing Connie was by our side gave us complete confidence to forge ahead with our studio.  Knowing the amount of time she invested in us established our determination to succeed. As Mackie puts it best… “Connie rocks!” 
Michele Myers

     “I really appreciate all your help and the training you provided.  The detail and amount of information you covered in the training was more than I had ever expected and essential to my final business plan.  I needed to understand the nitty gritty of what went into running a PYOP/Glass studio and you made sure our eyes were wide open as to what to expect.  The knowledge that you and your helpful staff passed on to myself and the rest of the class was absolutely invaluable.  Thank you for your knowledge, honesty, and hard work.  I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.”
Shana Kirkpatrick

     “The training Connie gave us while we visited her in Fort Worth was exceptional. Nicole & I not coming from an “artsy” background felt that this would be the hardest part to learn. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone working with Connie is just as nice as her. They made us feel welcome and comfortable. Connie made learning all there is to know about glass fusing incredibly easy.   Simply put………. If you are considering opening a PYOP studio with glass fusing need to LOOK NO FURTHER.  The Pottery Consultant is the only choice to be made!
Dave & Nicole Nickel

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