American Glass Supply is a division of American Ceramic Supply Company, a ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies company. For 48 years, American Ceramic Supply Co. has been at the forefront of innovative products and techniques, excellent customer service, and backed by the best manufacturers of ceramic equipment and supplies in the ceramic industry. American Ceramic Supply Company is a leader in sales and education, continuing to educate its own staff in order to better help its local, national and international customers. 

     For over 18 years, American Ceramic Supply Company has been introducing glass painting, glass fusing, and glass slumping to its existing customer base of Paint Your Own Pottery Studios, Art Teachers, Hobbyists, and even our Traditional Ceramic customers. American Glass Supply is a branch division of our ceramic business, located in the same building as the ceramic division and has become the largest glass fusing supplier of the ceramic distributors. No small feat! It's because of our love of glass fusing and our enthusiasm in learning and growing as glass fusing continues to spread in popularity not only here in the United States, but worldwide.

     Affordable programs and packages with easy to use and easy to understand products are essential to new glass enthusiasts. American Glass Supply offers exactly that. With our Glass Staff Team, whether you want to just try it at home, introduce it to your students in your school, have a full blown Glass Fusing Bar in your paint your own pottery studio or glass art store, or even work out of your home doing glass fusing parties to go, American Glass Supply offers the products, the education and the entire program backed with full support.


     If you are a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, a Traditional Store, a School, a Teacher, or a Home Based Business, please contact us with your buying status, sales tax certificate and/or tax exempt status, and we can quote you confidential wholesale pricing. We hope you enjoy this site, use it and check back often as we continue to grow and expand glass product, techniques and education, and all the latest and exciting trends in glass fusing. Please feel free to e-mail us with suggestions or to link and certainly to inquire if you can’t find something you need. We are friendly with our competitors and will send you on to them if we cannot help you!