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Our most favorite Glass Kilns
from the glass gals
at American Glass Supply

We talk glass fusing all day long with our customers here at American Glass Supply Co. - helping with glass fusing firing schedules, choosing the best glass fusing molds, trouble shooting, selecting just the right sheet glass, explaining exciting new products on the market - and of course, choosing the best glass fusing kilns for their needs. In teaching and introducing so many new people to this incredibly beautiful and fun art and hobby medium, we have over the years developed some preferences in kilns - based on sizes, glass fusing applications and how well the kilns perform over time. We fire not only for our glass classes but also for our own pieces - whether we are selling fused glass projects or gifting them to family and friends. So its not a stretch to imagine we have become quite fond of some of the brands and in particular, some of the models.
Here are but a few of our favorites! (not shown in any particular order)

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1414Kilnwlidlift

Its unanimous here at American Glass Supply with all our glass teachers and staff - We LOVE this kiln.
The Skutt GM1414 with Lid Lifter and single large oval kiln shelf - on stand with casters - this is our FAVORITE kiln when it comes to large pieces or a boatload of class projects. Ours does have a view window on the side - while Ginger has no use for the window, (she is mostly fusing and slumping), some customers may want one if they see themselves doing lots of drop and or drape pieces.
for specifications and discount pricing - click here and scroll down to the Skutt GM1414.

Paragon Glass KilnFusion14

The Paragon Fusion 14 Glass Kiln with 12 key controller (model shown here only has a 3 key controller on it) is our number one selling glass fusing kiln for both our at home hobbyist customers and our glass fusing studio customers - Why?
OMG - here’s why - you can plug it in almost anywhere (120V - make sure nothing else is on circuit when firing), can sit on a counter top or on an 18” stand, is PERFECT whether you want to fire 30 pieces of jewelry or a large 12” platter. Teachers love this kiln, too - fire 4 6” tiles, then slump them or 9 4” tiles, then slump them, wine bottles (at an angle) - and this kiln is a workhorse.
Click here for more information.

Paragon Glass Kiln Pearl22

The Paragon Pearl 22 Glass Kiln has been with us for over 9 years - it is our go-to kiln for class projects, our own finished pieces with dependable results - after all these years. We put 9 6” tiles in for full fuse - then 9 6” slump molds in. We drop and drape in this glass kiln, too. This was our first large glass kiln and if we had to get another one, we would in a minute.
Click here for more info.

Paragon Glass Kiln QuikFire6

The Paragon QuikFire 6 Glass Kiln - I think we might have had the prototype of this kiln way back when it was first introduced on the market. We have 3 of these - now you might ask, why would anyone want a glass kiln with only a pyrometer - well, we actually do recommend if you are buying one to go ahead and get one with a add-on controller, but we take these to shows and festivals for Make and Take, use in our classes with Stacker/Volume Control projects, and they are perfect if you just need to make something small and FAST - maybe you need some extra pebbles or maybe you need a little something fired fast so you can add it to another larger project your are working on and have ready except for that one little piece. You gotta watch ‘em - we always set a timer when firing ours or we’ll run off to help someone and forget they are firing!
Click here for more info.

Olympic Glass Kiln ChampXL

The Olympic Champ XL Glass Kiln was our first 120V glass kiln way back when - it has been such a workhorse for us in the glass classroom - so dependable - LOVE that we can plug it in almost anywhere - meaning we can move it all over the classroom if necessary - and it holds so many small projects or as many as 4 6” projects. After all these years, the only maintenance was replacing the lid - and we probably could have just replaced the elements, but we opted for a whole new lid.
The model at left is shown with only the 3 key controller so we put a photo of the RTC 12 Key Controller here - we highly recommend you get this from us with the upgrade to the 12 key - c’mon! It is ONLY $50.00 more and WELL worth it when it comes to programming.
Click here for more info.

Olympic Glass Kiln GFE16Square

When Ginger said we were picking up a new kiln model for our glass classroom, at first I was going to pinch her - “we don’t need another kiln!”
Then I walked over to our manufacturer’s booth and saw this was the new model we were taking back to our store, I actually squealed. I was so excited - I had loved and depended on the Olympic Champ XL for so many years - and here was a bigger version of it! Fabulous, I must say.
This is the new Olympic GFE16 Square with 12 key controller!
Click here for more info.

Call us or email today - toll free 1-866-535-2651
or to set a day and time for us to call you! We can chat about all your glass fusing desires and help you put together the PERFECT glass kiln and glass package to suit your budget and wiring and future plans.

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