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Skutt Glass Kilns

Just send us an e-mail with model and your shipping address - we can get a quote back to you!

     Skutt Glass Kilns have long been a favorite of glass artists. Construction quality, technical support and exceptional customer service make your choice of a Skutt Glass Kiln an excellent decision.  All prices below show retail and special sales price.
Want to order? Just e-mail or call our toll free number 1-866-535-2651.

Skutt Glass Bead Kiln - GM10F

Skutt Glass Bead Kiln GM10F02

     While perfect for annealing torch work beads, this kiln is also excellent for fusing smaller projects.
     The kiln comes standard with a side hinged door, but can be ordered with the easy to operate bead door. Both doors come with wooden handles which are mounted away from the heat and allow you to open them without gloves.
     The GlassMaster controller is also standard on this unit. The accurate and stable temperature provided by the controller is perfect for annealing.
Extremely portable and works on standard household current.

L10” x W9” x D9” - 115V - max temp 1800F
Retail: $1090.00   Furniture Kit: $25.00  - Special - $835.00
GM10F with Bead Door and furniture kit - $1205.00 Special only - $900.00!!!

Skutt Glass Kiln - Hot Start Pro**

Skutt Glass Hot Start Pro Kiln 02

      The new HotStart Pro gives you the ability to program and save up to 5 custom programs. Each program can have up to 8 segments. The HotStart Pro is still the only kiln on the market with the convenient and easy to use GlassFire Mode. Also the HotStart Pro is currently the only kiln of it's size to use high quality Solid State relays for added safety and durability.

W15” x D6.5” - 115V - max temp 1800F
Retail: Kiln and Furniture Kit: $975.00
Kiln and Furniture Kit - Special - only $720.00!!
Add view window - Retail - $80.00 Special - only $65.00
This kiln comes with several sheets of FREE glass and test glass!


All below Glass Master Kilns have lid and side elements, Type K Thermocouple, 8” stand, hinged control box, peephole plugs and Glass Master Controller.

Skutt Glass Kiln - GM814

Skutt Glass Kiln GM814

Skutt Glass Kiln - GM1014

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1014

Skutt Glass Kiln - GM1214-3

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1214-3

     The GM1214-3 includes 3” brick and comes with a standard lid-lifter. Specifications: W28” x D13.5”
240V or 208V, Single Phase  1800F
Retail: $2560.00
Furniture Kit: $118.00

Copper Wire: 6
Breaker: 60
NEMA: 6-50
Kiln and Furniture Kit w/Lid Lifter
NOW only $2010.00!!
Add 3 phase - only $50.00

     The top and side firing elements on the GM814 and GM1014 make these units fire very evenly and allow for glass projects to heat at a uniform rate. With a 13.5" chamber height these kilns are much taller than other top firing kilns allowing for tall slumping and drop mold projects. They are equipped standard with the GlassMaster Controller which gives you the precision and versatility needed for complicated firing projects.

Specs: W17.5” x D13.5”
240V or 208V, Single Phase
Retail: $1585.00
Furniture Kit: $56.00

Copper Wire: 8
Breaker: 40
NEMA: 6-50
Kiln and Furniture Kit -
NOW only $1225.00!
Lid Lifter not available this model.

Specs: W23.5” x D13.5”
240V or 208V, Single Phase
Retail: $1795.00
Furniture Kit: $77.00

Copper Wire: 6
Breaker: 50
NEMA: 6-50
Kiln and Furniture Kit -
NOW only $1400.00!
Add Lid Lifter - only $200.00

Remember! When you order any glass kiln from American, it comes free phone assistance for your first 2-4 test fires and on-going tech support. Big Value!

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1414

Skutt GM1414  Glass Kiln with Lid Lifter

    Skutt now offers a new spring assisted lid lifter for the GM1414 Oval kiln. It is an optional upgrade that can be ordered with a new kiln or, as a retrofit kit for an existing kiln. The lid braces have been redesigned with a unique cam system to prevent catching. The 3 position lid prop has 2 venting positions and a lock position. The spring assist not only helps to lift the extremely heavy GM1414 lid, it also puts less stress on the lid so it will last longer.
Specifications:  240V, Single Phase  Max Temp - 1800F
Dimensions: L41.5” x W24.50” x D13.5”
Retail: $2460.00 & Furniture Kit: $176.00
Optional Lid Lifter installed at order: $470.00
Include full shipping address for freight.
Kiln and Furniture Kit and with Lid Lifter - Special - only $2330.00!!
That’s a $772.00 SAVINGS!
Add Quartz View Window for only $75.00     Add 3 Phase for only $50.00
Add Optional Rolling Stand w/Castors - Retail - $425.00 Your price - $325.00
Add CoreLite Full Shelf Kit instead of 3 piece shelf kit above pkg. price -
Adds only $125.00 to above $2330.00 package price.

Skutt Production Kiln - GM818

Skutt Glass Kiln GM818

Skutt Production Kiln - GM1018

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1018

Skutt Production Kiln - GM1227-3

Skutt Glass Kiln GM1227

     This extremely versatile line of kilns allows for fusing on multiple layers. With Zone Control standard, these models fire each section independently to insure even firing from the top to bottom. With chamber depths of up to 27 inches these kilns are great for large drop molds and annealing tall sculptural pieces. All include: peephole plugs, 8” stand, Encapsulated Type K Thermocouple, Glass Master Controller, Zone Control, Side Fired Elements and are portable.

GM818 - W17.5” x D18” 
240V or 208V, Single Phase 1800F
Retail: $1720.00
Furniture Kit: $163.00

Copper Wire: 8
Breaker: 40
NEMA: 60-5
Kiln and Furniture Kit - only $1,410.00!
(Lid Lifter not available this model)

GM1018 - W23.5” x D18” 
240V or 208V, Single Phase 1800F
Retail: $2050.00
Furniture Kit: $226.00

Copper Wire: 6
Breaker: 50
NEMA: 60-5
Kiln and Furniture Kit - only $1,705.00!
Add Lid Lifter - only $240.00

GM1227-3   W28” x D27” 
240V or 208V, Single Phase 1800F
Retail: $3370.00
Furniture Kit: $593.00

Copper Wire: 6
Breaker: 60
NEMA: 60-5
Comes with lid lifter - standard!
Kiln and Furniture Kit - only $2,995.00!
Add 3 Phase - only $50.00

All kilns with ** can be ordered with optional view window for only $75.00
Also available to order:
GM22CS** w/12 Key- Retail: $3080.00 - furniture kit - $81.00 Special - ONLY $2365.00 for both
GP706** - Retail: $775.00 - furniture kit - $42.00  Special - ONLY $655.00 for both
Firebox 8 w/pyrometer - Retail: $510.00 - furniture kit - $31.00 Special - ONLY $415.00 for both
Make your Firebox 8 Digital for only $185.00 more!

Firebox 14 w/3 Key- Retail: $1045.00 - furniture kit - $45.00 Special - ONLY $815.00 for both

Skutt Glass Kiln firebox

Skutt Firebox 8
with Pyrometer

Skutt Glass Kiln Fire Box 14

Skutt Firebox 14

Skutt Glass Kiln gm22cs
Skutt Rolling Kiln Stand

GM1414 Stand - $425.00
Your price - $325.00
GM22CS Stand - $380.00
Your price - $315.00
E-mail for quote for any other Skutt Rolling Stand.
Made to order!

Skutt GM22 Clam Shell**

Rolling Kiln Stands
Rolling kiln stands are now available for your Skutt kiln. These stands are made specifically to fit each model and come fully assembled. Constructed of heavy gauge, welded, square metal tubing, these things are tough and stable. Skutt uses metal castors so they will not develop flat spots when sitting in one place too long like rubber castors. They also have wheel locks on all 4 wheels so the kiln will not walk away from you when you lean into it to load. If your kiln is located in your garage and you want to tuck it away when you are not using it, this is the perfect solution. (Always  remember to unplug the kiln if you are moving it to an area that does not have the proper clearances).
The GM1414-3 and Clamshell (GM22CS) stands are  also adjustable to 3 positions.  This allows you to raise the kiln up to level that is easier to load and program the kiln. Some people like this newer height so they can assemble their piece on the shelf inside of the kiln. This eliminates some of the shifting you may experience when moving the assembled piece from your work area to the kiln.

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All prices are subject to change without notice due to  manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

Stores and studios with valid sales tax certificates may fax copies of their certificates to 817-536-7120. All customers who buy any of our startup packages are entitled to our best wholesale and volume discount pricing.
Please e-mail with your sales tax information or tax exemption status to confirm your buying status.

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